One Direction Academy

Our Guidance Office provides students with information and support in order to help them reach their academic goals. When students start school, counsellors assist them to design their personal short-term or long-term study plans, to assess their abilities and interests, and to select the appropriate courses. Counsellors continually monitor the progress of students and help them adjust their selected courses, schedules, and ways or methods of learning. The overall well-being of the student is always a high priority at One Direction Academy.

One Direction Academy understands the importance of parent communication. One Direction Academy has arranged a passage to facilitate parental communication between the parents, teachers and students. In this regard, we maintain constant communication with parents and guardians, and issue report cards and updates to them on a regular basis.

The School provides free airport pickup for students, and makes arrangements for student residence and meal plans. Upon arrival in Canada, One Direction Academy helps students with banking, using the public transportation systems and the post office. Visits to shopping malls are also included in the orientation. One Direction Academy helps students become familiarized with the services that are available to them in order to help them quickly adjust to life in Canada.


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